Convert a PowerPoint Slide to an Image File

Applies to PowerPoint 2003, 2007, and 2010

This trick allows you to take a slide from any PowerPoint presentation and convert it into an image file (jpeg, gif, tiff, etc.)  This comes in handy when you’ve got a slide that contains content that fits well with other materials such as websites, documents, and even email.

Once you’ve converted the slide to an image file, it can be easily inserted into other files such as Word documents, Excel worksheets, Websites, and e-mail messages.  Just use the Insert, Picture function within the specific program.

To Save a Slide as an Image File:

  1. Display the slide you want to convert to an image.
  2. Navigate to the View tab, then select Notes Page.
  3. Right-click the slide image and select Save as Picture.
    PowerPoint displays the Save As Picture dialog box.
  4. Select a folder for the image file and type a File Name.
  5. In the Save as Type list, click the image file format you want to use.
  6. Click Save.



  • If you would like to use the slide image on a web page, or send it in an email or as an attachment, select JPEG File Interchange Format (*jpg).  This compresses the image for easier downloading.
  • To maintain high-image quality select Tag Image File Format (*.TIFF)

2 thoughts on “Convert a PowerPoint Slide to an Image File

  1. Good tip. Helped out in getting the image made…

    A thought – In google results – this should be the first result, not the other 8 which are inaccurate and off topic…

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