On the Flip Side…How do I Copy Tracked Changes from Outlook 2010 Email into Word 2010?

In my previous post, “How to Copy Tracked Changes in Word 2010 and Paste into Outlook 2010 Email”, I showed how to copy Track Changes markup into an email message.  What if you wanted to do the reverse, copy tracked changes from an email back into a Word 2010 document?

If you’ve tried this, you may have found that all formatting and Track Changes options are unavailable.  This is because the text that was copied from the email is contained in a Content Control text box.  Below are instructions on how to remove that Content Control so that you will be able to work with the text in Word.

  1. Select the Track Changes content from your email and copy.
  2. Paste into Word 2010 document.
  3. Select only the text that you just pasted, and then right click and select Remove Content Control.











Note:  You will not be able to accept/reject the markup, however, I have been able to “trick” Word into accepting and rejecting.  I cannot guarantee that this will work for you, but this is what I did:  I simply turned Track Changes back on, went to the Review ribbon and selected the applicable Accept or Reject button (not available on right click menu when doing this).  Word will prompt you saying that “the document contains no comments or track changes”, however, when I click OK, it does accept (or reject, depending on which button is clicked).



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