Put Windows 8 in “GodMode” for Easy Access to All Settings in One Place

Wouldn’t it be great to get quick access to all of your Windows 8 settings in one place?  Think of the time you would save, not to mention the frustration you would avoid by not having to search for each individual setting.

GodMode is not a plug-in, it is a hidden shortcut that is available within Windows 8.  All you need to do is create a folder and name it with a specific code.  Here’s how:

Create a New Folder on the Desktop

  1. On the Desktop, right-click and select New, and then select Folder.
  2. Rename the new folder with the following:



  1. Press Enter.

Notice that the folder icon has changed to one that looks like the Control Panel icon.


Now double-click the icon to open the folder to access all of the Windows 8 settings listed in categories.  Each category name has a number next to it, this indicates how many settings are within that category.



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