Take a Picture of Excel Data, Charts, Pivot Tables and More

I am a huge fan of TechSmith’s Snagit and highly recommend it to anyone that needs to take screenshots to another level.  But not all of us want to purchase software just to take a screen shot here and there.  One of my favorite features in Office 2010 is the Insert Screenshot tool.  It’s a lot more effective than the old PrtScn key method, and it eliminates the need to crop the end result (unless you don’t care about including everything else on your screen in the snapshot).

That’s all well and good, but what about those times when you need a faster way of taking a screenshot?  Like when Bob down in the Atlanta office needs some numbers from your worksheet yesterday, but you can’t send Bob the entire workbook because it contains sensitive data.  The method below allows you to copy specific data and paste into an email, a document, a presentation, wherever you would normally be able to use the Paste tool.

In Excel 2010

  1. Select the desired range of cells (chart, pivot table, etc.) in your worksheet.
  2. From the Home Ribbon, click the down arrow next to the Copy button, and then select Copy as Picture.
  3. copyaspic1

  4. In the Copy Picture dialog box, select your choice for Appearance and Format, and then click OK. (the default Picture is JPEG format).
  5. copy as pic dialog

  6. Paste the image into your email, document, presentation, etc . 

In Excel 2007

The only difference in Excel 2007 is where the Copy as Picture button lives.  All the other steps are the same as above.



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